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  Upon reaching an appropriate age (usually between 18 and 21 years), children are encouraged, but not forced, to “leave the nest” and begin an independent life. After children leave home they often find social relationship and financial support outside the family. Parents do not arrange marriages for their children, nor do children usually ask permission of their parents to get married, Romantic love is most often the basis for marriage in the United States; young adults meet their future spouses (配偶) through other friends, at jobs, and in organizations and religious institutions, Although children choose their own spouses, they still hope their parents will approve of their choices.

  In many families, parents feel that children should make major life decisions by themselves. A parent may try to influence a child to follow a particular profession but the child is free to choose another career. Sometimes children do precisely the opposite of what their parents wish in order to assert their independence. A son may deliberately decide not to go into his father’s business because of a fear that he will lose his autonomy in his father’s workplace. This independence from parents is not an indication that parents and children do not love each other. Strong love between parents and children is universal and this is no exception in the American family Coexisting with such love in the American family are cultural values of self – reliance and independence.

  1. The writer discusses the marriage of young adults in order to show which of the following?

  A) They enjoy the freedom of choosing their spouses.

  B) They want to win the permission of their parents.

  C) They have a strong desire to become independent.

  D) They want to challenge the authority of their parents.

  2. Most young adults in the U.S. get married for the sake of ____.

  A) love

  B) financial concern

  C) their parents

  D) family background

  3. Based on the passage, it can be assumed that ______.

  A) American young adults are likely to follow the suit of their parents

  B) most American people never make major decisions for their children

  C) American young adults possess cultural values of independence

  D) once a young person steps into his twenties, he will leave his home permanently

  4. A son is unwilling to work in his father’s business mainly because _____.

  A) he wishes to make full use of what he has learnt in school

  B) he wants to prove his independence

  C) he wishes to do the opposite of what his parents approve of

  D) he wants to show his love for his parents

  5. The subject matter of this selection is _____.

  A) family values

  B) marriage arrangements

  C) the pursuit of a career

  D) decision making






  Questions 52 to 56 are based on the following passage.

  What makes Americans spend nearly half their food dollars on meals away from home? The answers lie in the way Americans live today. During the first few decades of the twentieth century, canned and other convenience foods freed the family cook from full-time duty at the kitchen range.

  Then, in the 1940s, work in the wartime defense plants took more women out of the home that ever before, setting the pattern of the working wife and mother. Unless family members pitch in with food preparation, women are not fully liberated from that chore.

  It's easier to pick up a bucket of fried chicken on the way home from work or take the family out for pizzas or burgers than to start opening cans or heating up frozen dinners after a long, hard day. Also nowadays, the rising divorce rate means that there are more single working parents with children to feed. And many young adults and elderly people, as well as unmarried and divorced mature people, live alone rather than as a part of a family unit and don't want to bother cooking for one. Fast food is appealing because it is fast, it doesn't require any dressing up, it offers a "fun" break in the daily routine, and the outlay of money seems small. It can be eaten in the car-sometimes picked up at a drive-in window without even getting out-or on the run. Even if it is brought home to eat, there will never be any dirty dishes to wash because of the handy disposable wrappings. Children, especially, love fast food because it's finger food, no struggling with knives and forks, no annoying instructions from adults about table manners.

  52. Americans enjoy fast food mainly because ________.

  [A] it can be eaten in the car

  [B] it is much more tasty than home-made food

  [C] one only uses his fingers while eating it

  [D] it is time-saving and convenient

  53. It can be inferred that children ________.

  [A] want to have freedom at table

  [B] wash dishes after each meal

  [C] are not good at using forks and knives while eating

  [D] take eating time as a fun break

  54. Many Americans are eating out and not cooking at home nowadays because ________.

  [A] they want to make a change after eating the same food for years at home

  [B] the food made outside home tastes better than food cooked at home

  [C] many of them live alone or don't like taking trouble to cook

  [D] American women refuse to cook at home due to women's liberation movement

  55. According to the text, a drive-in window is a ________.

  [A] car window from which you can see the driver

  [B] window in the restaurant from which you get your meal in the car

  [C] place where you check the mechanic condition of your car

  [D] entrance where you return the used plates after eating

  56. The expression "pitch in with" (Line 2, Para. 2) probably means________.

  [A] complain

  [B] enjoy

  [C] help

  [D] deny

  Passage Two

  Questions 57 to 61 are based on the following passage.

  InfraGard is a grass-roots effort to respond to the need for cooperation and collaboration in countering the threat of cyber crime and terrorism to private businesses and the government. By the end of September, there will be InfraGard chapters in all 50 states, Calloway said. With advice from the FBI, each local chapter will be run by a board of directors that includes members of private industry, the academic community and public agencies. Bands, utilities, and other businesses and government agencies will use a secure Web site to share information about attempts to hack into their computer networks. Members can join the system free. A key feature of the system is a two-pronged method of reporting attacks.

  A "sanitized" description of a hacking attempt or other incident-one that doesn't reveal the name or information about the victim-can be shared with the other members to spot trends. Then a more detailed description also can be sent to the FBI's computer crimes unit to interfere if there are grounds for an investigation. Cyber crime has jumped in recent years across the nation, particularly in hotbeds of financial commerce and technology like Charlotte. "Ten years ago, all you needed to protect yourself was a safe, a fence and security officers," said Chris Swecker, who is in charge of the FBI's Charlotte office. "Now any business with a modem is subject to attack." FBI agents investigate computer hacking that disrupted popular Web sites including Amazon. com, CNN and Yahoo!

  several North Carolina victims have been identified this year. The investigation has also identified computer systems in North Carolina used by hackers to commit such attacks. Prosecutions of hackers have been hampered by the reluctance of companies to report security intrusions for fear of bad publicity and lost business. Meanwhile, too many corporations have made it too easy for criminals by sacrificing security for speed and accessibility. Jack Wiles, who will lead the local InfraGard chapter's board, said a recent report estimated 97 percent of all cyber crime goes undetected. Wiles, a computer security expert, has a firewall on his personal computer to prevent hackers from getting into his files. "I get at least one report a day that somebody was trying to get into my computer," he said, "the Net is a wonderful place, but it's also a dangerous one."

  57. From the first paragraph, we know ________.

  [A] InfraGard is a protective measure against cyber crime

  [B] InfraGard is a measure of cooperation and collaboration

  [C] there will be 50 InfraGard chapters in all states

  [D] private business and the government are now committing cyber crime

  58. Each local chapter of InfraGard will be run by the following EXCEPT ________.

  [A] academic communities

  [B] public agencies

  [C] FBI

  [D] private industry

  59. By saying "too many corporations...speed and accessibility" (Lines 3~4, Para. 3), the author means ________.

  [A] too many corporations take no notice of the security problem of computers

  [B] criminals are sacrificing security for speed and accessibility

  [C] it's very easy to sacrifice security for speed and accessibility

  [D] many companies suffer from computer hacking because they value speed and accessibility more than security

  60. All the following are reasons for the rise in cyber crime EXCEPT ________.

  [A] victims won't report intrusions by hackers

  [B] victims have no firewalls

  [C] the use of modem is increasing

  [D] companies don't pay enough attention to security

  61. It can be concluded from the passage that ________.

  [A] not all hacking attempts are worthy of investigation

  [B] information of the victims is inaccessible

  [C] InfraGard chapters will be in effect by the end of September

  [D] Amazon.com was often disrupted by hacking

  Section B

  Passage One

  52. D 细节题。由文章第三段第四句提到的fast food is appealing because it is fast, it doesn't require any dressing up...可知,D正确。

  53.C 推断题。文章第三段最后一句提到no struggling with knives and forks,由struggling一词可推断,孩子们不擅长使用刀叉吃饭,所以C正确。

  54. C 推断题。文章第三段提到,现在很多人都独自居住,他们不愿意为自己一个人烹制食物,所以C正确。由于题目问的是nowadays的情况,所以可排除强干扰项D。

  55. B 推断题。文章第三段倒数第三句提到sometimes picked up at a drive-in window without even getting out, 由句中的without even getting out 可以推断,drive-in window 是免下窗口,即司机可以不用下车就能拿到食物,所以B正确。

  56. 语义题。文章第二段第二句意为“只要家庭成员不准备食物,妇女们就无法完全从家务杂事中解放出来。”由此推断,pitch in with应意为“帮助”,故选C。

  Passage Two

  58. C 细节题。由文章第一段第三句With advice from the FBI可知,FBI只是充当顾问,并无经营权,故选C。

  59. D 语义题。被考查句原意为“很多公司为了保证网强的速度和可接入性而不顾及网络安全,这让网络犯罪变得非常容易。”言外之意是很多公司更重视网络速度和可接入性,从而遭到了电脑黑客的攻击,所以D正确。

  60. B 推断题。虽然文章提到了firewall(防火墙),但并没有说公司不使用防火墙是网络犯罪率升高的原因,故选B。而文章第三段第三句(A项),第二段倒数第二句(C项)和第三段第四句(D项)则分别说明了网络犯罪率上升的原因。

  61. A 推断题。文章第二段第二句指出,黑客攻击的详情会被送到FBI的电脑犯罪科,以确定是否需要对其深究,由此推断,并不是所有的黑客攻击都值得调查,所以A正确


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