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  For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essaycommenting on the saying "Learning is a daily experience and alifetime mission." You can cite examples to illustrate theimportance of lifelong learning“. You should write at least 120words but no more than 180 words.


  第一段: 解释引言内容. 提出文章的主旨 : “学习的重要性”

  第二段: 分析原因 此处可以结合例子.

  第三段: 得出结论


  参考范文: Learning is a daily experience and a lifetimemission. This is a proverb full of logic. Inother words, learning is significant in our whole life. Indeed, wecan learn many things from it. If you understand it and apply it toyour study or work, you’ll necessarily benefit a lot from it.

  There are many reasons which can explain this phenomenon and thefollowing are the typical ones. The first reason is that learningcan light our road in the coming future. There is no denying thefact that the society is developing increasingly fast and we areoften easily surpassed by the people around. The only way to avoidthis is to learn to improve ourselves. As an illustration, I’d liketo take myself as an example. After graduation from college, mylife has been full of working pressure, which contributes to mydecision of pursuing further education. That’s why I can make myown way in such a competitive society.

  The effect of learning can be boiled down to two major ones. First,with the spirit of learning, we are more capable of overcoming thedifficulties in the future. More importantly, we can enrich ourspare time life by learning. No matter who you are, you mustremember that learning is the basic skill in our life.


  1. B. They enjoyed the movie on space exploration.

  2. A. At a gift shop.

  3. C. He declined a job offer from the art gallery.

  4. D. He will be unable to attend the birthday party.

  5. B. Set a deadline for the staff to meet.

  6. A. They way to the visitor’s parking.

  7. D. He has benefited from exercise.

  8. D. The secretaries in the man’s company.

  9. B. It is used by more people than English.

  10. C. The influence of the British Empire.

  11.It includes a lot of words from other languages.

  12.To place an order

  13.He is not familiar with the exact details of goods.

  14.It depends on a number of factors.

  15.Ring back when she comes to a decision.


  Passage One

  16. A) No one knows for sure when they came into being.

  17. D) Carry ropes across rivers.

  18. C) To prove that lightening is electricity.

  Passage Two

  19. C) She can speak several languages.

  20. B) They have an intense interest in cross-cultural interactions.

  21. C) She was able to translate for a German sports judge.

  22. B) Taste the beef and give her comment.

  Passage Three

  23. D) He grew up in a poor single parent family.

  24. A) Stupid

  25. B) Write two book reports a week.


  (26) heavenly

  (27) fascinating

  (28) made up of

  (29) Now and then

  (30) combine with

  (31) generally

  (32) characteristics

  (33) phenomenon

  (34) naked

  (35) relatively


  36. N. saw 第一空显然缺少谓语,优先考虑动词,结合语义并根据Late November and December可以推出应选择过去式动词,故答案锁定saw.

  37. F. decades 根据two,首选复数名词,结合语义,“ for the first time in the two decades”, 二十年来头一次。

  38. H. globally 句子为主系表结构,不缺主要成分,所以首选副词和形容词,根据语义,ever表示“一直以来地、向来地”,“十一月向来是全球范围内最温暖的一个月。”

  39. D. chances 缺少主语,并且谓语是are,所以首选复数形式的名词,结合前文Enjoy the snow now, “享受现在的雪吧”,因为“时机是好的”。

  40. J. occurs 空格前方有主语,且是单数形式,而后面由when引导的时间状语从句的时态是一般现在时,所以主句谓语锁定第三人称单数形式的动词,只能选择occurs.

  41. A. specific空格左为定冠词the,空格右为名词,中间只能选形容词,选择“特定的”符合语义。

  42. B. associated 空格左为be动词,右边为介词with,中间只能是形容词或动词的过去分词形式,be associated with表示“与…有联系”,符合原意。

  43. G. experiences 空格左为主语southern Africa,空格内应该为动词的第三人称单词形式,结合语义,选G,“南非经历着干燥的天气。

  44. M. reduce 空格左为情态动词,空格内必须为动词原形,填reduce“减少”符合原题。

  45. K. populations 空格与左边的large fish 共同构成动词support的宾语,只能选一个名词来作为名词词组,故选K,“大量的鱼群”。


  46. I,根据关键信息“figures of speech”定位到I段,原文中该词组前面的形容词是“irrelevant”,和句中的“improper”为同义替换关系。

  47. C,根据关键信息“flaws”可定位至C段,同义替换关系句“my mother and her red pen showed me how deeply flawed a flawlessessay could be.”

  48. K,该句意思为“为了达到完美,作家应该反复地修改他的文章”,对应K段中的“Perhaps the point of writing theflawless essay was not to give up, but to never willingly finish.”

  49. E,该句大意为“某些时间段里,作家可能会感觉什么都写不出来了”,对应E段中的“I was not able to produceanything for 3 years.”。

  50. B, 该句意为“当老师认为作者的文章没有瑕疵时,他并不惊讶”,对应B段的“so I was only slightly takenaback that I had achieved perfection at the tender age of 14.”该句中的“taken aback”意为“惊讶”。

  51. F,该句意为“对别人的演讲品头论足总比自己做一个更棒的演讲容易”,对应F段的“It is a thing of no greatdifficulty,” according to Plutarch, “to raise objections against another man’sspeech, it is a very easy matter; but to produce a better in its place is awork extremely troublesome.”。

  52. A,该句意为“作者视其母为最严格和最细心的老师”,对应A段的“She cared about me, and my intellectual life, even when I didn’t.Her expectations were high impossibly so. She was an English teacher. She wasalso my mother.”。

  53. H,该句意为“作者从其母处得到的批评改变了作者的人格”,对应H段的“That was when true criticism, thetype that changed me as a person, began.”。

  54. J,该句意为“作者通过避免使用华而不实的语言慢慢地提升自己的作品”,对应J段的“So I stopped shouting and bluffing,and slowly my writing improved.”。

  55. G,该局意为“有建设性的评判能让作家在提升作品方面有一个好的开始”,对应G段“Genuine criticism creates a precious opening for an author to becomebetter on this own terms—a process that is often extremely painful, but alsoalmost always meaningful.



  56. A

  此题难度不大,根据题干中的“Silicon Valley”可定位第一段,第一段尾句“is there something unique about it?”直接把答案引向第二段。精读第二段“it wouldn’t be surprising if it were hard to reproduce in othercountries”,可知该句与A选项“Its success is hard to copy anywhere else.”为同义替换关系,故选A,其他三项均为无中生有。

  57. B

  此题难度不大,根据题干中“Miami”可定位至原文第五段,该段表明迈阿密只有有钱人,而缺少“痴迷于技术的人”,所以无法成为科技中心,该含义对应B选项,为统一替换关系,选项中的“the right kind oftalents”替换了原文的“nerds”。

  58. A

  此题难度不高,根据题干中的“Carnegie-Mellon”和“Stanford”,“Berkeley”,“MIT”容易定位到原文第六段,第六段段位抛出问题,所以顺势往第七段找答案。第七段中详细描述了卡内基梅隆大学所在的匹兹堡的不同之处:“The weather is terrible”,“rich people don’t want to live in Pittsburgh or Ithaca”,这些信息都指向了A选项,为高度概括关系。

  59. D

  该题难度较高,根据题干中的“Boston”可定位至原文的第七段。原文提到Boston的句子为“as there is in Boston”,as在这里表对比,意为“波士顿却有”,那么前文一定指出了匹兹堡没有某物,所以关键句在于具体是什么,故往前文查找,发现前文提到的是“and there’s no interesting old city to make up for it”,意思是匹兹堡不仅天气恶劣,而且也没有有趣的老城区,但是波士顿却与之相反,固选择D,表示“波士顿有着很多历史古迹”。

  60. C

  本题难度不高,根据核心名词概念“startup investors”可定位到原文最后一段,原文清晰地表述了,startup investors不仅能够提供资金帮助,还能提供很多建议,所以C选项“他们不仅能提供资金”是最好的答案,和原文关系为高度概括。

  61. C

  该题难度不大,根据“like-minded people”定位到首段,首段指出这类人可以给人信息并令人感到舒服,后面用“unfortunately”表转折,后面的表述“这种舒服会让你意识不到你可以扩大你的公司和事业”,对应C选项,同义替换。

  62. B


  63. A

  本题难度不大。根据关键信息“purpose of holding adebate”定位到原文倒数第三段,原文“objective”对应“purpose”,后面跟的即为答案:“isnot to win but to get the truth that will allow you to move faster, farther,and better.”,对应A选项。

  64. D

  该题难度较大。根据关键信息“fierce debate”定位到原文倒数第二段,原文给出观点“用微笑和幽默表明这是一个友好的讨论,大家的目标都是一样的”,对应D选项,该题强干扰项为B,B选项中的“respect”容易让同学们产生好感从而错选B,而实际上B选项错在“other’s beliefs”上,原文并没有提到尊重他人的信念和观点,属于无中生有。

  65. D

  根据题干“rival”对应到最后一段的“sparring partners”,原文给出“让他们知道对他们的付出你很感激”,对应D选项“肯定他们的付出”,为同义替换关系。




  Lijiang, an ancient town of Yunnan Province, is one of the mostfamous tourist destinations. Its pace of life is slower than thatof most cities of China. There are many natural beauties everywherein Lijiang and many ethnical minorities provide tourists with agreat variety of cultural experience. Lijiang is also well-known asthe “city of love” in history. Many stories about life and dyingfor love have spreaded widely among the locals. Nowadays, fortourists home and abroad, the ancient town is regarded as aparadise of love and romance.


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