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  For thispart, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to express your thanks to one of your friends who helped you most whenyou were in difficulty. You should write at least 120 words but no morethan 180 words.

  第一段: 写出写信目的. (表达感谢)

  第二段: 阐述感谢的原因.


  Dear Mary,

  I would like to take thisopportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your help when I wasin difficulty. You have been very kind and helpful since we knew each other.

  Last week, I caught a bad coldand had to stay at home for a week. When I was worrying about the lessons, youcame to my home after school and helped me with every subject. With your help,I didn’t fall behind others.

  Again, thanks so much for yourenthusiastic help. Even though you are to about to go abroad for furthereducation I know that I will always stay in touch with you. I wish you every successin the future and I hope we can exchange more viewpoints on study.

  Please keep in touch, and dropin and visit us whenever you are in this part of the world.

  Very sincerely



  For thispart, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to express your thanks to one of your school teachers upon enteringcollege. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

  第一段: 写出写信目的. (表达感谢)

  第二段: 阐述感谢的原因.


  Dear sir,

  I am writing to you to express my thanks for your help in learning English.

  You are one of the best teachers whoI have ever met .There are many good points that I learn from you.

  Duringthese days in your class, I have acquired much knowledge from you and it reallyhelps me a lot.

  Firstly,you let me know what the west thinking pattern is —straight thinking pattern. Asan English learner, it is important for me to understand the difference betweenthem.

  There is no denying

  the fact that this can help me with my examination and interaction with foreigners. What’s more, I’m glad to beyour student, and I am very happy to learn the course under your guidance. Englishis an important tool, through which we can share our experience with the world.I treasure the chance of learning English, and I enjoy the happiness from your course.

  Last but not least.

  please forgive those mistakes I have made which may upset you. What I have learnedfrom you will help me pass the coming examinations and also be useful for myfurther education in abroad. It is not only a progress of learning, but also acultivation of my ability.

  May everything go well around you. Your student,

  Li ling


  For thispart, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to express your thanks to your parents or any family members upon makingmemorable achievement. You should write at least 120 words but no more than180 words.

  第一段: 写出写信目的. (表达感谢)

  第二段: 阐述感谢的原因.



  Thisletter is to tell you my true feelings from the bottom of my heart. Althoughwe can keep in virtual touch every day, I still feel it not enough to let youknow how much I love you and how much I’ve appreciated what you’ve done for me.

  In the past 20 years, you have done a lot forme. Firstly, thankyou so much for bringing me up. I know how hard you've being working in thepast. I can imagine how many difficulties and obstacles you've conquered. Second,I want to thank you for your good education on me. There is an old saying goeslike this “parents are the first teachers to their children”. Both of you arethe typical ones.

  The most important thing that I want tosay “thank you” is for your great admiration on my own freedom. You told me tolook over the horizons and to pursuit my own dreams without hesitation.

  I really feel that my pen fails me when I amwriting this thank you letter. The only thing Ihope you cando for me is to take good care of yourselves and you will be always proud ofme.




  功夫(Kung Fu)是中国武术(martial arts)的俗称。中国武术的起源可以追溯自卫的需要,狩猎活动以及古代中国的军事训练,它是中国传统体育运动的一种。年轻人,老年人都练,它已逐渐演变成了中国文化的独特元素,作为中国的国宝,功夫有上百种的风格,是世界上练得最多的艺术形式,有些风格模仿了动物的动作。还有一些则受到中国哲学思想,神话和传说的启发。

  Kung Fu isthe folk name of Chinese martial arts, which dates back to the need ofself-defense, hunting, and military drill in ancient China. It is one ofChina’s traditional sports, and all people, old and young, would participatein. It has gradually evolved into a unique element of the Chinese culture. As anational treasure of China, it has hundreds of styles. Meanwhile, it is alsothe most practiced art form in the world. Some styles imitate the movements ofanimals, while others are inspired by Chinese philosophy, myth and legend.



  In Weifang,Shandong, kites are not only for entertainment. It also symbolizes the cultureof the city. Weifang is known as the “capital of kites” with a history ofnearly 2,400 years in flying kites. Itis said that the ancient Chinese philosopher Motze took three years to make the first kite right in Weifang. It felland

  broke,however, on its first day of flying. Some also belives that it was thecarpenter LuBan that fist invented the kite. It’s said that his kite was madeof wood and bamboo and it landed after three days’ flying.



  Wuzhen, an ancient water town of Zhejiang province, is located near the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. It is a charming place. Many ancient bridges, Chinese style hotels and restaurants dwell there. In the past one thousand years, the water system and the way of life there haven't changed much, so it is a museum of ancient civilizations. All rooms in Wuzhen are made of stone and wood. Over hundreds of years, the locals have built houses and markets along the riverbank. Numerous spacious and pretty courtyardshide in those houses, serving as surprises and waiting to be found by the tourists.




  26. 正确选项 O tend

  27. 正确选项 M review

  28. 正确选项 L performance

  29. 正确选项 K particularly

  30. 正确选项 N survive

  31. 正确选项 E dropping

  32. 正确选项 J mutually

  33. 正确选项 H flow

  34. 正确选项 F essential

  35. 正确选项 I mood


  36. 正确选项 E

  37. 正确选项 L

  38. 正确选项 B

  39. 正确选项 H

  40. 正确选项 N

  41. 正确选项 J

  42. 正确选项 F

  43. 正确选项 C

  44. 正确选项 I

  45. 正确选项 G


  Passage one

  46. 正确选项C。 It can be avoided if human values aretranslated into their language.

  47. 正确选项 D。 They are ill-bred.

  48. 正确选项 C。 By picking up patterns from massive dataon human behavior.

  49. 正确选项 D。 Do sufficient testing before takingaction.

  50. 正确选项 A。 Determine what is moral and ethical.

  Passage Two

  51. 正确选项A。 to see whether people’s personality affects their life span

  52. 正确选项 D。 They are more likely to get overhardship.

  53. 正确选项 C。 Such personality characteristics asself-discipline have no effect on longevity.

  54. 正确选项 D。 Mothers’negative personality characteristics may affect their children’s life spans..

  55. 正确选项 B。 Longevity results form a combination ofmental and physical health.?



  26. 正确选项 M provide

  27. 正确选项 A abandoned

  28. 正确选项 I frequent

  29. 正确选项 L merely

  30. 正确选项 C biased

  31. 正确选项 G dependent

  32. 正确选项 F dampens

  33. 正确选项 E commitment

  34. 正确选项 N understandably

  35. 正确选项 D chances


  36. 正确选项 F

  37. 正确选项 K

  38. 正确选项 C

  39. 正确选项 L

  40. 正确选项 B

  41. 正确选项 H

  42. 正确选项 M

  43. 正确选项 J

  44. 正确选项 L

  45. 正确选项 G


  Passage One

  46. 正确选项B。It weakens in one’s later years.

  47. 正确选项D。Some of them begin to decline when people are still young.

  48. 正确选项C。They function quite well even in old age.

  49. 正确选项D。can put what they have learnt into more effective use.

  50. 正确选项A。find ways to slow down our mental decline.?

  Passage Two

  51. 正确选项 C。Scholars and policymakers have different opinions about it.

  52. 正确选项A。Pre-K achievements usually do not last long.

  53. 正确选项B。When it is made part of kids’education.

  54. 正确选项D。She is a firm supporter of pre-K

  55. 正确选项C。Early intervention.?



  26. 正确选项 G growing

  27. 正确选项 A dependent

  28. 正确选项 C fast

  29. 正确选项 F give

  30. 正确选项 H launch

  31. 正确选项 N successful

  32. 正确选项 I policy

  33. 正确选项 B designed

  34. 正确选项 O treatments

  35. 正确选项 E gained?


  36. 正确选项 D

  37. 正确选项 B

  38. 正确选项 F

  39. 正确选项 A

  40. 正确选项 L

  41. 正确选项 H

  42. 正确选项 C

  43. 正确选项 K

  44. 正确选项 B

  45. 正确选项 J


  Passage One

  46. 正确选项 D。 It usually draws different reactions

  47. 正确选项A。 It does not seem to create a generational divide.

  48. 正确选项B。 It helps with their mobility.

  49. 正确选项A。 The location of their residence.

  50. 正确选项C。 The wealthy.


  Passage Two

  51. 正确选项 C。Their daily routine followed the rhythm of natural cycles.

  52. 正确选项B。It brought family members closer to each other.

  53. 正确选项D。Pace of life.

  54. 正确选项B。It is varied, abundant and nutritious.

  55. 正确选项A。They enjoyed cooking as well as eating.


  1. C) Rising unemployment worldwide.

  2. C) Few countries have realized the seriousness of the current crisis.

  3. B) Put calorie information on the menu.

  4. A) They will be fined.

  5. D) Failure to integrate innovation into their business.

  6. B) It is the creation of something new.

  7. C) Its innovation culture.

  8. D) He does not talk long on the phone.

  9. B) Talk at length.

  10. A) He thought it was cool.

  11. C) It is childish and unprofessional.

  12. A) He wants to change his job assignment.

  13. A) His workload was much too heavy.

  14. C) His boss has a lot of trust in him.

  15. D) Talk to his boss in person first.

  16 A) The importance of sleep to a healthy life.

  17 C) They get less and less sleep.

  18 D) Their blood pressure will rise.

  19. B) What course you are going to choose.

  20. D) The personal statement.

  21. C) Indicate they have reflected and thought about the subject.

  22. B) It was built in the late 19th century.

  23. D) They often broke down.

  24. A) They were produced on the assembly line.

  25. C) It marked a new era in motor travel.


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